The farm was founded in 2010, when it was fully reconstructed. A new building has also been added; it consists of a delivery facility, calf and bull breeding facility. Individual animals are carefully selected as to not transfer negative genetic characteristics. Our herd includes only top-of-the-class specimen that have regularly reached the top places in bidding. We have helped to broaden and increase the quality in various herds in Southern Bohemia. We raise the cattle in a healthy environment thanks to which we are able to claim the label ORGANIC.


Country of Origin: France

  • High levels of muscle, unlikely prone to increases in fat
  • Bad weather resistance, good fertility, and longevity
  • Male weight up to 1,200 kg
  • Very resilient immune system
  • Excellent meat to waste ratio
  • Efficient food into weight processing


Country of Origin: France

  • Unlikely prone to increases in fat
  • Male weight up to 1,300 kg
  • Food type undemanding
  • Adaptive hair for various climates
  • Big apetite
  • High-quality meat

herd count


ha of permanent grass fields